Company Profile

    Guangdong Dexing Farming And Planting Industrial Co., Ltd. is founded in 1996, which is a national key leading agricultural enterprise involves with pig breeding, aquaculture, fruits, vegetables and green seedlings. Dexing owns over 10 farming bases, including National Nuclear Pig Breeding Farm, Provincial Breeding Pig Farm, Boar Studs, Standardized Ecological Breeding Base, as well as several breeding farms of Japanese Koi. Besides, Dexing is equipped with a pellet feed plant with an annual output of 50,000 tons of feed, and a storage warehouse reserving of raw materials which can store 50,000 tons of raw materials. Dexing owns 15,000 base sows, which can provide 30,000 breeding stocks and 270,000 lean commercial pigs and piglets. With 200 acres of pig production area and 300 acres of aquaculture and planting area, Dexing is the largest pig production base in eastern Guangdong Province.

    Dexing adheres to the ecological and healthy production way. It is one of the first to introduce electronic sow feeding system around the whole country, besides, it also adopts automatical modern pig farm facilities and equipments, achieving high level of animal welfare in sow feeding and management. During decades of years of production, Dexing has developed and porpularized an effective pig production model suitable for China. Based on this very model, Dexing adopts fully slatted flooring, liquid hog manure technology, colling pad in negative ventilation system, and intelligent electronic system to automatically control the environment and air quality to a constant condition, which avoids problems resulted from environmental diseases, the healthy level of pigs has been improved apparently as well. Besides, this model reduces production cost and improves profit, which plays a benchmarking role in the industry.

    Dexing advocates a new pattern of ecologically recycling farming production. Therefore, it takes advantage of biogas digester technology to recycle wasted water. Returning waste into treasure not only improves health status and living environment, but also protects public health and sustainable development of the pig farms, which plays an active role in promoting harmonious development of human and environment.

    Dexing continuously developes new breeds and antibiotics-free farming technology. All the production is in accordance with the criterion and standard process of pollution-free agricultural products to improve the quality of livestock products. For this reason, farms of Dexing have been recognized as model bases of Food Basket Project, which is a big moving forward of Dexing’s vision —— “It is Dexing’s responsibility to have the country eat antibiotics-free safe pork.”

    The founder as well as Chairman Huide Yao was very diligent and pragmatic during entrepreneurial process. Step by step, Yao started Dexing’s business with 50 sows, and developed into today’s modern agricultural enterprise. Yao runs the company with hard working and dedication. Besides, he treats people with virtue, convinces people with reasoning, moves a man with emotion, respects and cares employees, having employees reflect the value during the work. Therefore, Dexing has built up a team with vigor and vitality, and the spirit of innovation and dedication.

    Chairman Yao takes himself as son of farmer, so it is Yao’s dream to help his brother of farmers to make more money to get rich by pig production. He developed his career with gratitude and social responsibility. Producers from both neighbour and town can get Yao’s selfless guild of pig feeding technology, which wins highly respect from the industry.